OAC has a rich and colorful history. When General Craig Carson, MD Esquire was a young boy he dreamed of being a pilot. Finally in 1925 his dream became a reality, he flew a home made jet propelled red flyer wagon from his home in West Virginia. He had finally achieved his goal of becoming the first pilot to fly a wagon cross-country, however, mid-flight problems arose. While General Carson, MD had flown before, he was unsure of the landing procedures of wagons causing panic in the sky. He successfully crash landed in Edmond, Oklahoma which was uninhabited at the time.

After spending months learning how to survive, build fires and hunting weapons, poaching small game for food and building huts out of mud and sticks in the oklahoma open plains he began digging a permanant residence. While digging, he stumbled upon on an natural wooden box buried deep in the earth. In this box he discovered a scroll written in sandscript. Luckily, General Carson, MD had spent months listen to Rosetta Stone sandscript edition and was able to translate it word for word. Today we call this scroll and its contents the “OAC policy and procedure handbook”. By following these simple principals, General Carson, MD has built Oklahoma Arthritis Center, and his claim to the throne.