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We are honored to be your preferred provider for medical infusion services. If you require an infusion, please contact your specialist and ask them to submit an order. If you are in need of a specialist, browse our list of qualified providers.

What sets Oklahoma Infusion Services above the rest?

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When it comes to infusions and injections for complex health conditions, we understand that a one-size-fits-all model does not satisfy the individual needs of every patient. We work closely with patients and their providers to develop and administer personalized care plans that focus on the best possible health outcomes for each patient.

Our patients like having the choice of convenient, affordable, and personalized treatment alternatives to hospital-based infusion settings. They also prefer our infusion centers over home infusions because of the peace of mind that comes from being cared for by trained infusion nurses who are supervised by on-site medical professionals.

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Oklahoma Infusion Services provides an experienced team of healthcare professionals who focus on each patient’s individual needs and health outcomes. Our highly trained nursing teams specialize in administering complex infusion and injection therapies. All infusion and injection services are supervised by medical providers with several decades of combined experience.

Navigating healthcare benefits can be complex and frustrating. With Oklahoma Infusion Services, you can trust that our team of infusion coordinators are here to support you. We collaborate with patients and their insurance plans throughout of the approval process. Our team researches manufacturer co-pay programs and charitable assistance opportunities to help reduce patient out-of-pocket costs for infusions and injections.

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